Covid-19 is changing the Notre Dame Prep Football season in many ways including coaching, playmaking, communication, and practice. Covid-19 has made many changes to football, school, work, and life in general. 

This obviously will have effects on the football team as a recommended distance of 6 feet is supposed to be maintained; however, football’s whole claim to fame is the fact that it is physical and closer together with people more than the average student at almost all times. This also brings challenges to the normal students as well, but the football team’s complications with covid is more pronounced as explained by this quote from Coach Whitener, “There have been a lot of complications with preparing for this season especially because of how close we have to be together constantly, and practicing with masks on will be very difficult for the players but we’ll see what we can do.” The main difference between the season this year and last year is the phase system which is 3 phases that can be advanced through only by approval from the AIA. Phase 1 is a very basic stage that is in groups of 10, and you must wear a mask into and out of practice. Also there are no balls, helmets, pads, contact, and you have to be 6ft apart from everyone. Reid Chamberlain said “It is very difficult to run with masks on because it limits your ability to breath.” This explains how difficult it is for players to play with masks on because of all the plays that happen so fast it is already difficult to catch your breath. Then imagine having a peice of cloth over your mouth all of the time and you cannot take it off. This is why it is so imparitive that they are able to play and practice without the mask. David Leach stated, “I think it really isn’t fair for the big guys because they are already the heaviest guys on the field, but we can barely breath without the masks on long drives.”