At the beginning of this 2020-2021 school year, we were faced with a very large challenge, Covid-19 and teaching. On Wednesday, September 3, I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Powers, NDP guitar teacher, on his thoughts on online school and hybrid.  Mr. Powers believes that during the beginning of this, things were going great, but also thinks that if we didn’t switch to hybrid soon “It will turn into a large headache for teachers and classroom management issues.” Bob Powers said.  One thing that he is looking forward to is “Seeing my students and building relationships. ADVENTURE CLUB!!!” said NDP guitar teacher, Bob Powers.  Overall, Powers thinks that the hybrid schedule is going to go great and he is super happy to be back with his students teaching those skills on the guitar. 

Brant Mei and I go back to the beginning of freshman year.  “It doesn’t affect me as much as I thought considering I have a bunch of friends on the gold schedule. Regardless, I’m fully online so it doesn’t matter” Brant Mei said.Brant Mei gave some really good insight on his thoughts of this 2020-2021 hybrid school year. Brant has many mixed emotions about this. He believes that going back is a good idea for the students, but doesnt want to see an increase in cases. This is valid considering that we are in a nation wide pandemic. After seeing how the hybrid schedule has worked out, he thinks if it continues it will be smooth,  “I don’t see this hybrid schedule doing bad, but I have a feeling there are going to be bumps along the way” Brant Mei said. It was such a great opportunity to interview Brant Mei, Sophomore at NDP to get his insight of the new purple and gold hybrid schedule. 

On Wednesday, September 8, I was able to interview a freshman at NDP on his thoughts of the new hybrid schedule at NDP. His name is Colin Jones and he has a lot to say. Colin states that “I would rather be in school because I want to see all my friends in person” Colin Jones said. He then went on to tell me about how learning online affects him, “It would be ok, because I can still learn,” said Colin Jones. I concluded the interview with the simple question, what are your thoughts? Colin Jones said pretty briefly, “I guess we just have to deal with it until this Covid is over,” Colin Jones said.  Some very brief and concise answers from this young Freshman, Colin Jones at NDP.